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lafito, HAITI


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Joseph Moise Charles was born in Port-au-Prince Haiti in 1979.  In 1993, at the age of fourteen, he accepted Christ as his Savior. This led him to serve in his local church as a Sunday school teacher and a youth pastor, which eventually led Moise to attend Seminary.  After Seminary, Pastor Moise became a director with Organizatione Repire Lavi Ayiti (ORLA), a church leadership and development organization in Haiti, and founded Transformation Christian Church of Lafito.  

Lafito is a small community located about 20 km (12 miles) north of Port-au-Prince. In 2015, a new sea port was finished in Lafito. This port allows both container ships and loose-bulk cargo to enter Haiti, making a it major global economic center. A mass grave and memorial for victims of the 2010 earthquake is also located in Lafito.

The Christian Church of Lafito offers a local kids club, Young Lights teen organization, camps, conferences and seminars. Pastor Moise’s slogan is “Saved to Serve” and he lives this out in his community and church.

After renting a facility to house the church for several years, the decision was made in 2018 to purchase land and build a new church building in the community that would also house a community school. Currently, the land is purchased and Pastor Moise is in the process of planning the building of the church. Once the church building is in place, the next priority will be funding the school building.

Below are pictures of the land that is the future home of The Christian Church of Lafito.

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Moise Church Land and school land 2.jpg
Moise Church Land and school land 1.jpg
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