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Hayden ackerman

helping those in need

here in Columbus, Ohio

Hayden ackerman

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On Thursday, December 20th of 2018, Hayden’s life changed as he had known it for over 16 years. Hayden came home from school with a noticeably swollen throat and was unable to swallow well. Bright and early Friday morning, his mom took him to the doctor.


Christmas was coming and everyone in the family was concerned that Hayden might fall through the cracks until after the new year.  The doctors in Colorado were concerned because they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Labs were ordered and CAT scans were done. Monday came, and no one expected the news that the phone call from the doctor would be - Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, stage to be determined.  Christmas Eve and after was a roller coaster for Hayden as his life went from being a regular 16-year-old teen age boy to Labs, PET & CAT scans, surgery to insert a port, blood clots that have threatened his quality of life and chemo. 


This new way of life has had an effect on the entire family. Hayden’s mom, Danie, is trying to maintain a strict schedule and she has to play too many roles - giving medication, rides to the hospital, and having to explain to Hayden’s 9-year-old sister that he is very sick and can’t play. Dad has zero sick/vacation time to spend with his family and if he takes off they all lose because of lost income.


When Hayden first got sick, Children’s said there was all types of help available to them. However, they have not seen any of that financial help. They have applied for Social Security Disability for Hayden, but it is a very slow-moving process – to put it nicely.


In January, Hayden started six rounds of chemotherapy. The good news is that the chemo is fighting off any new active reproducing cancer cells. The bad news is there are still tumors that remain deep within his neck and chest. Hayden as been classified as stage 4B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Since the chemo is not working as they had hoped, the next step is to begin radiation. This will consist of a treatment once a day for the next 4 weeks. If the radiation does not get rid of the tumors completely, the next step will be to undergo surgery to remove the last of the tumors.


Before this roadblock, Hayden was a normal 16-year-old in the 10th grade. He loves to hike the Colorado mountains, bike ride with his peers, loves to tease his sister and  - of course - play video games. He always anxiously awaits his Mamaw & Papaw VanFossen from Ohio to visit every year. He is very outgoing and helpful to everyone. Unfortunately, the cancer and the treatments keep his energy low. Time is spent trying to fight and recover instead of time spent being a normal teenager. 

want to help?

Since Hayden and his family have many family members and friends here in Ohio (Hayden’s mom went to Fairfield Union High School), the Significance of One has been asked to come alongside Hayden and his family to raise money for his medical costs and to help mom and dad be able to spend more time with Hayden as he fights this fight. Additionally, this will allow us to keep updates on Hayden in one location which will take an extra stress off his mom and dad. 


How can you help? Share this fundraiser! Pray for Hayden, his family and his medical team! Donate to his fundraiser! How? Click here and follow the directions listed at the top of this page under the Money Raised count.

Thank You and God Bless!

***Please note that Significance of One is a 501c3. Therefore, all donations are tax deductible. Secondly, the primary focus of Significance of One Website is for child sponsorship and school building in Haiti. However, God calls us locally as well and therefore a local page was born and added to our website. With, the donations through our website, receipts are set up to say, “thank you for sponsoring a child.” Please do not panic. Your donation being placed for the Burchett family will go to the Hayden which is why it is important to enter “Hayden” in the “write us a comment” field.

Thank you so much for your willingness

to come alongside this family!

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